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Adam Shead
February 25, 2022  /  News

Full Cycle, Thread New is a long form composition in three movements by Chicago multi-disciplinary artist Adam Shead. The piece focuses heavily on concepts of reformation, regeneration, non-linear time dynamics, and cyclical history. Throughout the thr …

Johannes Wallmann
January 28, 2022  /  10 Questions, Artist Posts

Pianist and composer Johannes Wallmann sat down with us to answer 10 questions recently. Read what he had to say and check out his releases ELEGY FOR AN UNDISCOVERED SPECIES and DAY AND NIGHT. SPR: What’s the first jazz record that you really got deep …

Joan Hutton & Sue Orfield
January 28, 2022  /  News

Take That Back is the dynamic debut by the inventive Midwest jazz quintet led by veteran composers/saxophonists Joan Hutton and Sue Orfield. The album draws on its leaders’ passion for origi- nal music and their mutual joy in pursuing unpredictable mus …

January 21, 2022  /  News

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