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David Whitman

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Precarious Towers

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Peter Epstein

Awake: Volume 2 – The Music of Don Cherry

Jamie Breiwick


September 1, 2023  /  News

The Midwestern all-star quintet Precarious Towers featuring Sharel Cassity, Johannes Wallmann, Mitchell Shiner, John Christensen and Devin Drobka releases its collective debut today. The group that began as a brainchild of Johannes Wallmann steps into …

August 4, 2023  /  News

Two Legs Bad marks saxophonist Peter Epstein’s first album as a leader in nearly a decade, and introduces a musical approach that builds on past work but forges new directions compositionally, sonically, and conceptually. The album, to be released by S …

Jamie Breiwick
June 2, 2023  /  News

Breiwick brings to light several hidden gems from the diverse songbook of Don Cherry on his anticipated follow up to the 2019 tribute with an expanded ensemble.  Trumpeter, composer, bandleader, educator and renowned designer Jamie Breiwick will releas …

May 5, 2023  /  News

Folklore is trumpeter and composer Sam Butler’s first release as a bandleader, due out on May 5th, 2023 on Shifting Paradigm Records, and filled with an all-star cast of musicians from around the world. Alto saxophonist Greg Ward, tenor saxophonist Gar …

April 21, 2023  /  News

Deep Breath is the latest offering from Chicago-based guitarist Kenny Reichert. Out now on Shifting Paradigm Records, this sophomore effort is a masterful showcase of Reichert’s musicianship and versatility as a performer, composer, and bandleader. Rei …

March 17, 2023  /  News

Misc. Items, trumpeter Jake Baldwin’s second record as a leader, will be released March 17th, 2023 on Shifting Paradigm. It features the talents of notable Twin Cities musicians Adam Harder Nussbaum on drums, Toivo Hannigan on guitar and Cody McKinney …

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