Shifting Paradigm Records is an independent record label based in Minneapolis, MN with a focus on jazz, instrumental and improvised music. Our mission is to provide an artist-friendly platform for both established and emerging artists, while creating a family of improvising musicians and fans to get our music into as many ears as possible.

Founded in 2012, Shifting Paradigm is musician owned and operated. The label began as something of a Twin Cities collective, initially putting out reissues from Fat Kid Wednesdays, Bryan Nichols Quintet, Graydon Peterson Quartet and new releases from Zacc Harris Group and Atlantis Quartet. In the years since, we have now released nearly 60 albums and feature artists from cities across the US like New York, Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, and Detroit, and even some international artists. 

As we continue to grow, our focus remains on providing the artists with a platform to release, distribute and promote their music while making sure they see the lion’s share of their royalties and maintain artistic control and ownership of their music.