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Weights and Measures

Nathan Hanson & Chris Bates

Live Vol. 1


Nimbus in Motion


Le Tre Sorelle

Alla Boara


January 27, 2023  /  News

Longtime friends and frequent live collaborators, Nathan Hanson and Chris Bates, connect for a duo recording; Weights and Measures. The new release showcases the musical empathy and deep listening that the duo are known for. Weights and Measures is the …

Supercell members Andrew Green Adam Meckler Brian Courage holding their instruments
December 2, 2022  /  News

It was a dark, brisk January morning in 2020, just weeks before the world would shut down. Trumpeter Adam Meckler had driven down to Chicago from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to meet up with old college friends; bassist Brian Courage and drummer And …

ThoughtCast members Ben Ehrich Graydon Peterson Jake Baldwin Joe Strachan standing
November 18, 2022  /  News

ThoughtCast’s debut album, Nimbus in Motion, takes inspiration from clouds in the sky developing into thunderstorms. Over the course of ten songs, listeners can hear the drama unfold from a morning mist to a tempestuous downpour. ThoughtCast’s sound is …

Alla Boara feat. Anthony Taddeo, Amanda Powell, Dan Bruce
October 21, 2022  /  News

Le Tre Sorelle is the debut album from the modern Italian folk group, Alla Boara, set to release on Shifting Paradigm Records on October 21st, 2022. The band features the talents of Amanda Powell (featured soloist with Grammy Award winning Apollo’s Fir …

September 16, 2022  /  News, Uncategorized

Phases is an ambient chamber music album by the Denver based group Mountain Coast which bridges improvised music with electronic production. Mountain Coast is the musical evolution of a 15 year partnership between Dave Devine (Brian Blade Fellowship, R …

JC Sanford with Charlie Lincoln and Abinnet Berhanu
August 12, 2022  /  News

Just when we thought it was safe to “go back in the water” we learned that it wasn’t really so. Finding himself being disconnected from his audience at his regular gig at Imminent Brewing for yet another year due to the ongoing pandemic, JC Sanford bro …