The Early Planets


Minneapolis based trio The Early Planets, led by composer and guitarist, Mike Wolter, releases their debut album The Waits / inBetween Music on Shifting Paradigm Records on June 14, 2024. Wolter assembled the group with bassist Cody McKinney and drummer Cory Healey shortly after moving to the Twin Cities in late 2016 and the trio has since cultivated their approach to Wolter’s original repertoire.

Upon relocating to the Twin Cities, Wolter dug into a variety of the local music scenes, often working with musicians from both the preeminent vanguard and the eclectic fringe. In 2021 Wolter’s interest in the intersection of music and social change inspired him to repurpose a sizable grant he received for showcasing his music to include, and bring together, the varied musical acts from around town he admired while also raising several thousand dollars that went back into local nonprofits working to better the community. Performance credits for Wolter include Sarah Greer, Brandon Wozniak, Anthony Cox, Nathan Hanson, Erik Fratzke, Michaelle Kinney, Liz Draper, Chris Hepola, and The Better Mistakes.

As leader

The Waits / inBetween Music