The Other Side by Peter DiCarlo out now!

February 16, 2024  /  News

From New York City to Turkey, Saxophonist & Composer Peter DiCarlo Releases his Sophomore Album, The Other Side, fusing Turkish stylings with contemporary jazz.

The Other Side is the new album from alto saxophonist Peter DiCarlo, out February 16, 2024. This album is a followup to DiCarlo’s debut release as leader, Onward, which featured Rich Perry and Scott Wendholt, in addition to other New York City musicians. The Other Side presents a powerful vision of DiCarlo with some of Istanbul’s finest musicians, including Uraz Kivaner on piano, Ozan Musluoğlu on double bass and Ferit Odman on drums.

A native of New York City, DiCarlo relocated to Izmir, Turkey three years ago to perform and teach. All About Jazz described DiCarlo as “a serious straight-ahead composer who skillfully combines an elegant alto tone with intricate reed and horn arrangements.” The Other Side marks a departure from his roots in traditional straight-ahead jazz to that of fusion with intentionally placed hints of Turkish influence throughout the album. This new release pays tribute to the great history of jazz, while incorporating elements from Turkey, a country rich with assorted musical flavors at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. DiCarlo says, “I dreamed of recording an album in Istanbul showcasing a wide-ranging breadth of compositional styles. These songs were influenced by the vast stylistic ranges of the incredible musicians I have the pleasure to work with in Turkey.”

The album begins with the title track, “The Other Side,” which is a hard-hitting and energetic blues with an interluding vamp reminiscent of the descending chords on Ray Charles’s “Hit the Road Jack.” This chord sequence creates a theme that is explored throughout the album. The angular melody hints at a bluesy feel, undergirded with a fusion beat. DiCarlo explores the extended range of the horn with crystal clear altissimo. “Fluffy Cloud” continues the rock- fusion feel with a tight and rhythmically aligned melody. The moments of silence interspersed throughout the melody draw in the listener. DiCarlo’s solo is melodic, rhythmic and bluesy, playing off of the groove established by Odman on drums.

The third track, “Yesterday’s Tomorrow,” has a singing quality that is both haunting and captivating. An eastern influence is most evident with the tone manipulations reminiscent of a Turkish clarinet. Pianist Kivaner’s solos add intricately placed improvised lines between the melody. The track, “Ever You Need Me,” was written for DiCarlo by New York City based pianist, Francesca Prihasti. Prihasti and DiCarlo frequently collaborated when he lived in New York. This song continues the trend of fusion inspired compositions with modern and open harmony.

The composition “Do Dat” stems from DiCarlo’s first trip to the ancient city of Ephesus in western Turkey. The rugged landscape hosts the polished architecture of a once thriving Mediterranean city. DiCarlo adds, “I was shocked that this historic city was so well-preserved.” The song “Little Footsteps” was composed for DiCarlo’s five year old daughter, Aurelia. The melody and title reference her tiptoes around the house in the early morning hours before the sunrise. “Last Morning” was composed on the beach in Antalya, Turkey, during a late night practice session. “As the waves hit the beach and the distant echoes of Turkish melodies flew through the air from a nearby festival, I was inspired to create this melody from start to finish.”

The Other Side effortlessly bridges continents and genres, creating a journey that transcends boundaries. As a testament to his musical evolution, DiCarlo gracefully steps into the realm of fusion, interweaving hints of Turkish influences into the fabric of his compositions and solos. This release not only pays homage to the storied history of jazz but also serves as a cultural celebration, blending the rich tapestry of New York City jazz with the vibrant musical flavors of his current home of Turkey. The Other Side is set to captivate audiences worldwide, solidifying DiCarlo’s position as a pioneering force in contemporary jazz.

More on Peter DiCarlo:
For nearly two decades, Peter DiCarlo has established himself in a myriad of worlds. Currently based in Izmir, Turkey, he is an accomplished saxophonist with a strong tone and style that is distinctly his own. In addition to his focus on performance and composition, he thrives in the world of music education. He has released two albums as leader with Shifting Paradigm Records: The Other Side (2024) and Onward (2021).

DiCarlo studied with acclaimed saxophonist Ralph Bowen. He had the benefit of performing beside trumpeter Sean Jones, pianist Stanley Cowell, guitarist Vic Juris, bassists Kenny Davis and Mike Richmond, saxophonists Julius Tolentino and Brad Leali. Peter also had the great honor of performing with the legendary artist Ray Charles at two benefit concerts. He performs regularly in Izmir with his quartet.