Joan Hutton & Sue Orfield


January 28, 2022  /  News

Take That Back is the dynamic debut by the inventive Midwest jazz quintet led by veteran composers/saxophonists Joan Hutton and Sue Orfield. The album draws on its leaders’ passion for origi- nal music and their mutual joy in pursuing unpredictable musical adventures. Both are thoughtful composers that delight in drawing from the eclectic history of jazz, yet each with their own personal signatures. They have a unique musical bond, intuitively playing off each other’s strengths, in their improvisations and compositions.

“The arresting contrast between Orfield’s bustle- and-croon tenor sax style and Hutton’s more incisive textures on bass clarinet and alto sax…is a credit to their chemistry and composing.” —Britt Robson (City Pages)

Joan Hutton is a woodwind performer, composer and music educator residing in Minneapolis and hailing from Toronto, Canada. Her varied musical interests have led her over the years to classical, jazz, funk, free improvisation, pit orchestras and more. She leads her own group, the Joan Hutton Jazz Project, and is an accomplished classical artist and a member of the acclaimed Ancia Saxophone Quartet.

Sue Orfield is an award-winning tenor saxophonist, educator and composer who has been featured on hundreds of recordings. Sue has toured the U.S. consistently since 1992, and also regularly tours internationally with The Tiptons Sax Quartet & Drums. She regularly fronts her own group, The Sue Orfield Band, and was for years the host of her own TV show, The Sue Orfield Show. She makes her home in the Chippewa Valley of Wisconsin.

Take That Back features Hutton and Orfield working with their favorite Minneapolis-based rhythm section: Ted Godbout on piano, Kameron Markworth on bass, and David Schmalenberger on drums. This quintet has honed its craft performing together over the past several years, and there is a palpable sense of camaraderie in their collaboration. The spirit of the music in this debut release is at once joyful and beautiful, playful and powerful.