Marcel Bonfim is a critically acclaimed Brazilian musician. He holds a B.M from Unicamp (Brazil) and a M.M. from DePaul University in Chicago (U.S.). Marcel Bonfim combines the best of jazz and Brazilian popular music. He’s had the opportunity to study with the most well known bass players in Brazil and the U.S. such as: Dennis Caroll, Sizão Machado and Celso Pixinga. Having an extensive experience in the world of music, including in the classical field, Marcel Bonfim already worked as a bass player in Big Bands, Symphonic Orchestras, small jazz and Brazilian ensembles, recording sections and Musical Theaters. Those experiences have helped him to develop a unique sound and musical sensibility. As a music director and arranger he has lead the acclaimed music theater production The Heartbeat of Brazil in 2018. Marcel has also played and shared the stage with big names like: Paulinho Garcia, Carlos Lyra, Marcos Vale, Helio Delmiro, Pat Mallinger, Chad McCullough and many others. He has performed throughout the United States, playing in important venues and festivals as such Chicago Jazz Festival, JazzShow Case, Elastic Arts and many others.

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