Devin Drobka

Devin Drobka is a composer, educator, drummer from and living in Milwaukee, WI. Having spent time in Boston and New York City Devin has performed with Joe Lovano, Jerry Bergonzi, Cecil McBee, Dan Blake, Ben Monder, and Tony Malaby. Devin’s multidirectional approach to the drums has led him to play with folk artists Field Report to indie rappers RAP Ferreria. Devin hopes that with an open heart and ear that one can experience the wonders, mystery, and joy that music gives to each and every one of us.

“For all the awesome rhythms—thanks to percussionist-composer Devin!—and amazing saxiness and bass action, Amaranth is a record much worth delving into. Where the metronome dilates and contracts back and forth, and where a forest of woodwinds grow, pleasure can be found. Devin Drobka’s Bell Dance Songs is such a place.” – Can This Even Be Called Music

“Not only is Amaranth Milwaukee drummer Devin Drobka’s debut album as a leader, it is also an impressive showcase for his adept writing and versatile playing. Released on the Minneapolis label, Shifting Paradigm Records, this is a collection of effective compositions deconstructed with inspired improvisation, making for a sound that isn’t quite like anything out there today.” – In On the Corner

As leader


Ten Stories

Blues Town



Blood Moon


Precarious Towers

Deep Breath

Awake: Volume 2 – The Music of Don Cherry

The Good Land

Dear Friend

Open to Now

Awake / The Music of Don Cherry