Daniel Thatcher

Daniel Thatcher


Daniel Thatcher is a singular Chicago-based bassist and composer, whose solid and supportive presence has been felt and heard among the city’s richly varied and vibrant musical communities for nearly two decades.

His sensibilities encompass the broader spectrum of traditional and modern music, which allows him to move freely between the worlds of jazz and improvised music, contemporary classical, and experimental rock music.

Originally from Munich, Germany, Daniel began honing his musical skills at an early age at the piano and on guitar before eventually turning to the bass, which quickly became his primary musical voice. Daniel received his Bachelors degree in classical performance from Western Michigan University, where he was also heavily involved in the jazz program. Since moving to Chicago in 2002, he has been an active contributor to Chicago’s jazz and creative music scene.

Daniel regularly contributes his rich sound and composing voice to a wide array of unique musical projects, such as Casey Nielsen’s Lapis Trio, Lucas Gillan’s Many Blessings, the Carl Kennedy Trio, James Davis’ Beveled, Cameron Pfiffner’s Marco Polo, Origin of Animal, and Diana and the Dishes.

As leader