Wave Cage is Ryan Garmoe (trumpet and electronics), Nolan Schroeder (sax and electronics), Jarrett Purdy (synths and keyboards), and Chris Jensen (drums). Their debut project, ThePortrait EP, was described by Little Village Magazine as “an engaging, atmospheric, beautifully produced, and humorous recording”, and by the River Cities’ Reader as “evoking the smooth melodies and diverse textures of early Weather Report; the ambitious, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink arrangements of groups such as Jaga Jazzist; and the more genre-agnostic trip-hop beat decisions of such projects as Thievery Corporation and Zero 7.” The band’s latest album, Even You Can See in the Dark, is dedicated to DIY music and artscenes everywhere. It’s a celebration of how collaboration nurtures creative communities,creates a sense of belonging, and encourages artistic and personal growth.

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Even You Can See in the Dark