Joshua Catania

Joshua Catania


Joshua Catania began playing piano and composing at an early age with the encouragement and support of his parents, both musicians. As a kid, he became interested in orchestral percussion and electronic music production and had a curiosity for a wide variety of music. He began playing jazz with his father and continued studying at the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra Jazz Studies and Wisconsin Conservatory of Music Jazz Institute. Coming up in the Milwaukee music community, he learned and grew playing with Russ Johnson, Brian Lynch, and Manty Ellis in high school. In 2019, he released his debut record Open To Now with Shifting Paradigm Records featuring Dave Miller, John Christensen, and Devin Drobka. He currently attends the University of Michigan where he studies with Andy Milne, Andrew Bishop, and Robert Hurst while staying active in the Metro Detroit area.

“The jazz pianist’s dazzling debut album twists and turns with the confidence and daring of a seasoned pro. What makes “Open to Now” all the more impressive: Catania is just 18 years old.” – USA Today

“Open to Now delivers dynamic and moving pieces of work. Catania’s jazz is modern, evocative and challenging.” – Something Else!

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