John Christensen


John Christensen began his bass studies with Chris Wood in high school. After brief stints at Berklee College and North Texas, John moved to San Francisco and played in the burgeoning music scene during the late 90’s. Since Moving to Wisconsin in 1999 John has become one of the most sought after bass players in the midwest for his versatility, creativity and collaborative spirit. John is a co-founder of the band Lesser Lakes Trio with longtime collaborators Devin Drobka and Jamie Breiwick and of the Improv hip hop trio KASE. He has shared the stage with such luminaries as Maria Schnieder, Miguel Zenon and Russ Johnson. John’s album “Dear Friend” released to critical acclaim on Shifting Paradigm Records in June 2018.

As leader

Ten Stories

Soft Rock

Dear Friend


Blood Moon

Precarious Towers

Deep Breath

The Good Land

Open to Now