Andres Prado

Andres Prado


Andrés Prado was born in Lima Perú in 1971. He Studied at the National Conservatoire of Music (Lima), The Avellaneda School of Popular Music (Buenos Aires) and the Trinity College of Music (London), specializing in jazz and Latin American Guitar.

As a composer his work has been recognized and documented for the national archive in Perú. As a player he has led his own bands in numerous appearances at jazz and music festivals in Perú, Argentina and England, on radio and television. He is currently working on a film in production in the US examining religious music in South America.

Andrés has performed along side José Luis Madueño, Manonge Mujica, Julio ‘Chocolate’ Algendones, Enrique Luna, Hector Venros (Perú), Alexander Batista, Diego Lutheral (Argentina), John Butler (USA), Martin Joseph, David Miles, Tony Roberts, Julian Argüelles, Phil Robson (England), and many others.

As well as working in the trio, he is also a leader of a new group by the name of ‘Sueños Festejos’ (Celebration of Dreams), which is a fusion of indigenous and black Peruvian shamanist music with jazz.

“Andrés Prado, guitarist and composer, is one of the most interesting young musicians I have come across. His playing and compositions show a great awareness of what is happening in contemporary jazz today, as well as incorporating elements of his native Perú. His music reflects in a very real way the growing trend in jazz to incorporate elements personal to the player into a new view of jazz.” – Graham Collier